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Write the perfect Facebook ad, nail your next Instagram caption, excite your email database, and more with Big Brain Agent.

ChatGPT customed to Realtors.

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Used and tested with brokerages doing 100+ transactions.

Lead Generation

Write Facebook Ads That Converts Leads

Our pre-built GPT will walk you through the process of writing high-converting Facebook ad headlines, captions, and text to get your more leads. Attaching a couple screenshots for you to use.

Lead Generation

Create Optimized Listing Descriptions That Attract Buyers

Our pre-built GPT will walk you through the process of writing high-converting Facebook ad headlines, captions, and text to get your more leads. Attaching a couple screenshots for you to use.

Lead Generation

Write Emails 7 Different Ways Like a Copywriting Pro

What should you say to your database? Answer a few questions and press GO! This custom GPT is perfect if you want to promote a listing to your database and attract potential buyers in your market. Writing compelling email copy has never been easier.

Attracting Leads

Write Hooks That Can't Be Ignored

It’s no secret that your hook will either captivate your attention or be ignored entirely. This custom GPT is built to deliver hooks proven to get your next potential client’s attention on social media, email, and more.

ChatGPT Is Great but, It’s Not made specifically for You... the smart agent.

What makes us different?

ChatGPT is trained on an equivalent to a library containing billions of books. Who knows what's in there... Our library contains strategies run on real estate agents securing listings.

get working tactics.

Our testing process is rigorous. Every new feature Big Brain Agent GPT produces goes through testing with live agents with live marketing dollars, so you don't waste yours.

new updates every month.

Join the GPT that understands and is built specifically for real estate agents by a team that's spent over $20M in marketing dollars testing it.


Making ChatGPT and AI Work For You

Big Brain Agent Helps You Do Any This Under 5-Minutes

Time to complete ~5-mins

Write Facebook ads

Big Brain Agent historically writes Facebook ads that are 40% cheaper than industry averages.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Write youtube video descriptions

Your potential buyers and sellers are looking on Youtube for their dream home. We wrote a formula to make sure you show up.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Write database emails

Get your prospects to raise their hand by using one of Big Brain Agents email templates.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Listing hook machine

Need ideas to hook your potential buyers and sellers into reading your content? Get hooks for your social media and emails that get attention!

Time to complete ~5-mins

Create a video script from a news article

Worried about not knowing what to say on video? Big Brain Agent has got you covered. Ask our GPT for video recommendations and speak with confidence.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Write Engaging Social Media Posts

Get more eye balls on Social Media by using our copywriting templates that refuse to be ignored.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Social Media: Copy that converts

Use this GPT to write your next captions for social media posts designed to convert users.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Email: 7 ways to write a converting email

Use this GPT to write your next promotional email with 7 different options to choose from.

Time to complete ~5-mins

Write listing descriptions that impress

Use this GPT to write a listing description to impress potential buyers and sell the listing faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Big Brain Agent used for?

Big Brain Agent is a GPT chat interface, just like ChatGPT, but we have pre-built workflows designed to deliver tried-and-tested strategies for your marketing efforts.

Can I get a demo of Big Brain Agent?

Maybe. We occasionally give away subscriptions. Subscribe by entering your email below.

What can I try during the free trial for Big Brain Agent?

Big Brain Agent is an intelligent GPT trained specifically with proven real estate marketing strategies that have worked for solo agents and brokerages doing 100+ transactions per year.

Do I need Big Brain Agent and ChatGPT?

Maybe. You need both if you’re using ChatGPT to read PDF documents or specific plugins that we have not developed. However, you do not need ChatGPT if you have a subscription to Big Brain Agent for marketing-related activities.